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[Toy Soldier] by [ profile] roseveare. FMA, pre series, adventure, LONG. but amazingly entertaining and keeping you glued to screen. great characterisation, beautiful dialogues, witty sence of humor, fantastic prose. all in all, great read!
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[His Eulogy] by TheoreticallyEva on

the most touching, heart warming and heart devastating Ed-Al-Hohenheim family interaction fic I've EVER read. what may have been if certain events of Promised Day hadn't occurred. prepare loads of tissues. not good idea to read at work, in case you suddenly burst out crying.

I almost did
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a proper tribute will be done when I prepare all my convention panels. for now...
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May. 8th, 2010 03:55 pm
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Thank you for past 7 years of joy, laughter, suspence, fear, excitement, tears and hope. Thank you for a wonderful story and characters. Thank you for all the friends I've met thanks to your creation. Thank you. I'll miss it greatly....

and Happy Birthday^^
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a propper RAW isn't even out yet but....
this deserves an early entry )
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for the first time in almost 7 years, I start regretting getting into this series. it takes too much from me, emotionally, especially at times like this. and it doesn't help when one person you thought could relate to your feelings towards it brushes something like THIS just an 'interesting plot'... it is interesting, but...!! ughhh

please sensei, SPARE US ;_;
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don't read in case you don't want to be spoiled )

all in all? scary chapter that resulted in more questions to answer>< and another painful month of waiting ;_; brb, drying my eyes out ;__;
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I'm sorry everyone for not writing anything in a long long time^^; last few weeks were kinda difficult for me, especially mentally. and because I'm not really good at confessing, the negative feelings have bottled inside of me and were about to dangerously explode.... yes, I'm pathetic, sorry about that^^; anyway, I'm trying to fight it now, so maybe I'll stay here for a longer while^^ for now, wish me luck^^

meme about myself )

about some manga I read now )
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on my merchandice )

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that's right, it's coming up soon^^
between 2nd and 5th July, in Paris, [IRUGAMI] is going to have a table at Japan Expo. there'll be lots of available stuff, including buttons, posters, keychain, bookmarks, postcards etc. etc., both original and fanart. the site I've liked you to is currently being built, so please feel free to visit each of the creators' DA gallery^^ and below you can find a map, where to find us^^



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because I'd like to clarify my opinion on things mentioned above

my reviews, ep by ep starting from 3 )

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so job hunting doesn't end, around 20 applications were sent but only one answer came... and it's not sure I'll get the job because they're using a different program (which I was about to learn when I'm through with my driving licence exam>< ) soooo... crisis is really tough for us architects.... I pity around 30 of my friends who finished their diplomas yesterday. congratulate to you all nevertheless!!

driving licence... yes, exam's in a week... and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scared>< this'll probably be a failure, very few people pass on their first try. still, I'd like to.... it costs me lots of money and right now? I can't really AFFORD to fail.. we'll see though:/

even if the situation's really really bad, I try to stay calm and optimistic, at least I try not to show how depressing it all is for me. so far everything's been in perfect order for me. right now it's all crumbling away..................

on a lighter note, a meme taken from [ profile] sharyamato
Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given
she gave me FMA, Esca, architecture, ELLE, mechas )
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spoilers, obviously^^; )

other than that? convention's on saturday already, ppesentation's almost done. and I'm sleepy and PMSing.... where's my Christams... ;_;
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as I said some time ago, I'm AWFULLY productive lately. and PMS doesn't stop that^^; so, I spent last 3 days finishing this baby and I was having major fun then XDDDDD

not only for kids )

and, as every month
FMA squee~~ )
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macross frontier ep 13 )

Slayers Revolution )

Soul eater )

other manga )

damn, this post became long^^;
just so you know, my diploma's finished, it's being printed right now, should arrive tomorrow morning... then I have to prepare my speach and.... well.... wait for DOOM's day...... wish me luck..... tuesday 11am..... heeelp~~ ;____;
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YES! Hajime Kanzaka, I knew I could count on you XDDDDDDD even if I'm too used to Rui Araizumi's and Shoko Yoshinaka's style of artwork.... this looks cool and fun XDDDD yaaaaay for old stories coming back XDDDD
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images under the cut )

sorry, it's totally random^^;
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under cut because some don't wanna read spoilers^^ )
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top right and left....

and bottom right


win of the day^^

Allen, please keep your hair long~~ you'll look like Cross in the future XDDDD

oh and this
m' boys playin' )


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