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so job hunting doesn't end, around 20 applications were sent but only one answer came... and it's not sure I'll get the job because they're using a different program (which I was about to learn when I'm through with my driving licence exam>< ) soooo... crisis is really tough for us architects.... I pity around 30 of my friends who finished their diplomas yesterday. congratulate to you all nevertheless!!

driving licence... yes, exam's in a week... and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scared>< this'll probably be a failure, very few people pass on their first try. still, I'd like to.... it costs me lots of money and right now? I can't really AFFORD to fail.. we'll see though:/

even if the situation's really really bad, I try to stay calm and optimistic, at least I try not to show how depressing it all is for me. so far everything's been in perfect order for me. right now it's all crumbling away..................

on a lighter note, a meme taken from [ profile] sharyamato
Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given
she gave me FMA, Esca, architecture, ELLE, mechas )
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firts of all, [this]. especially the sixth piece of news..... I wasn't really thrilled about it, but if it's original MANGA version..... I have ALMOST no complains XDDDDD seeing how Soul Eater is done, I can hope for another great series. but I need Paku and Tohru there XDDDDDD
second piece of news also HELL YEAH, LEVI WILL BE BACK XDDDDD now only tell me I can expect my sweet Sagara next year then I'm going to die a happy fangirl XDDD

MEMEME snatched from sweet [ profile] ameru <3
1. comment with "MEMEME" to reserve a spot
2. choose one of the original characters I list (you may ask me for a picture first)
3. show me one of your OCs you'd like to be drawn
4. i will draw the two OCs together - probably a sketch
5. you may prompt me
6. please pimp me in your journal
7. pass on this meme if you'd like
8. [ profile] ameru, [ profile] cofie, [ profile] duokai, I want to see your comments here

open for 5 slots for now, but I may reconsider^^

my OCs:
Nina, Rebecca, Bruce, Maes, Nash (not too many, which may be good XDDD)

slot list is OPEN
[ profile] sharyamato Matt and Maes
[ profile] ameru Winter and Nina "shy"
[ profile] duokai - [Chris or Catherine] and Rebecca
[ profile] possiblejoy Aori and Maes
[ profile] cofie Martin with Nash

I logged on yeah I know it's pretty late but it never occured to me how useful it can be^^; let's hope I'll finally figure out how to move around that place^^;


May. 6th, 2008 10:46 pm
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ELLEGARDEN has been in the process of creating a new album since last year, owever, during the band's activities, there arose a difference in opinion regarding the motivation for creating a new album.
We no longer feel we are able to create an album that we would be satisfied with, and after much discussion we arrived at the conclusion to end the creation of the album and suspend the band's activities indefinitely.
All previously decided shows (including shows not yet announced) up until early September 2008 will still be performed.

We want to thank everyone who has supported ELLEGARDEN from the bottom of our hearts.
In order to once again create new music as ELLEGARDEN, each of us wants to work on our own personal growth and development.
Thank you for everything.

ELLEGARDEN, Leader: Shinichi Ubukata

taken from [ELLE's official site]

and it makes dzioo very very sad ;_;
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sooooooo my brother has great hearing it seems. because he noticed something I haven't for half a year already==; lame me><

the case is, on latest The Pillows' album, "wake up wake up wake up" there's this song called "serious plan". I haven't payed attention to the lyrics, usually I'm listening to music while going to work so OF COURSE I don't concentrate on what's coming out of my earphones but what's happening around me. and today he told me the stragest thing possible. that in that particular song, they sing something in Polish............ I was like WTF? that's not even possible>< ..... and then I googled the lyrics....

tsuki no bessou de yuttari HANMOKKU
'tadaima rusu desu MESSEEJI wo douzo'
GUUTEN MORUGEN KIMI kara kougousei
BIIRU ga wakideru jaguchi wo kouanchuu

nureta kami de KIMI ni HAGU saretai na
SHINARIO-doori no ai de sae mo HAPPII

Serious plan (8x)

denkiisu no den'atsu wo agete kure
mekakushi no mama de KIMI wo aterareru ze
hyouhaku shitatte ochinai koi nanda

Serious plan (8x)

TSUNO ga oreta to shitemo KIMI wo mamoritai
joudan ja nai mikubiru na
shinken ni sakusenchuu

shinitaku naru hodo zetsubouteki datte
tsudzuki ga ki ni naru DORAMA wo saigenchuu

Serious plan (8x)

all 3 WTFs of that song are in bold. the one that I'm talking about is the last one....
DOBURI VEECHERU = dobry wieczór = good evening IN POLISH PEOPLE!!!!!
hahahahah that got me laughing for a good minute XDDD because for the whole time I've been thinking that it's VIRTUE, not wieczór XDDDD so a little joke found in my music archieve that I wanted to share^^

also, I'd like to share some nice music with you all. 2 american rock bands, that I found while looking at KyouyaHaruhi AMVs on youtube^^

The Click Five
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okay.... downloading OHSHC soundtracks was a BIG MISTAKE!!!!! because now I listen to those extra radio auditions all the time==;
especially the one with Maaya, Mamoru and Matsukaze..... I cannot understand a thing (well, maybe a few little ones) but it brings smile upon my face instantly XDDD they're so dorky and adorable XDDDDD Maaya is a great radio host, Mamoru makes the stragest voices possible and Matsukaze's laughter is so cute that when I realise we heard Kyouya laugh only ONCE..... I want to commint a massive murder on the staff><

also... OHSHC men.... sing REALLY well.... and I've got a strange thing for men singing....

Maaya, Mamoru and Matsukaze - as usual my fav host trio XDDDD

why aren't there any radio programs with the twins?? ;_;
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HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear friends!!! hopefully your celebration was/is extraordinary XDDDD mine was really nice, unexpectadely this year^^ I didn't spend my new year alone this time XDD it was really thrilling, with a few accidents but still, it was worth it XDDD

so I'd like to wish each and every of you:
- dreams' coming true
- having lots and lots of fun whole year
- only success, no failures
- satisfaction
- love
- presents XDD
- God's blessing
^^ thank you for staying another year by my side and bearing with me^^; especially to:
[ profile] ameru, [ profile] cofie, [ profile] duokai, [ profile] evil_little_dog, [ profile] ishte, [ profile] maeander, [ profile] sapphire_pyro, [ profile] sharyamato, [ profile] the_gakushi, [ profile] yukina_raven and all of the people visiting this journal. thank you for your support, kind words and time^^ I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

as a little gift for everyone, I'd like to share a bit of awesome music with you. Rie Fu's latest album, "Tobira". it's beautiful and entertaing and I'm sure many of you will love it^^


Sep. 27th, 2007 05:12 pm
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sorry sis, I had to^^ but really, happy birthday and may all your wishes come true^^

other than that??

discovery of the month?? - seirei no moribito. I'm happy I got back to that series, it was really, REALLY nicely made fantasy set in a world that looked like antient china or something. and Kenji Kawai's music *_* LOVE

discovery of the week?? - Youjeen. [here] a korean singer, rock singer, INCREDIBLE *_* at least for me. and I love her music, it's hard to find a woman plaing such a heavy music

discovery of the day?? - my AU is increasing DX rapidly. but I won't show you anything, sorry==;
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browsing through late at night and finding pieces like [THIS]......... is not good for your mind......

I'm brain dead now XDDDDDDDDDDD buahahahaha XDDDDDDD

and it's not because of the music as I've heard that song before, mind you
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on thursday, around evening hours, one of my drives died. it was a good drive, it has been funcyioning for 8 years, more or less, was used by both my brother in his previous previous PC, and then in mine, until last year as a main drive. because of its size (20 GB) and its age, I decided to buy a new one, in fear of it suddenly dying. but for a year or so it was my music container. and we lived in peace. until said thursday, when suddenly it became invisible for my computer and on friday morning it caused computer's disfunctioning.

today my brother came by to check on it, and admitted, that it was it's end. so now I've lost my entire music collection. whole The Pillows discography, Rie Fu's discography, every random mp3 I found in radios or in animes. all compilations I got from [ profile] ameru. everything. and I'm really depressed as my finals have come, I'm in the middle of making projects and I NEED my music ;_;
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life is cruel to me ;_; midterms are here, and almost day by day I have projects evaluations, so most of the time I sleep less than 5 hours per day. it's really tiresome, and I'm homesick ;_; last time I was at home was a month ago, I haven't seen my parents since then and my bro I see only on the main bus station when he delivers me food from home (sweet little brother ;_;). but I hope that this week I'll be able to FINALLY get a proper rest during weekend^^;

I'm working on presents XDD 2 are done so far, one remaining^^ I don't remember if all my Sisters know, but because postmen decided to protest RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! I'll be sending you everything after new year. I hope that this year everyone get their presents ;_;

I'm really into j-rock lately. I'm wearing my earphones almost all the time XDDD it's kind of strange for me though. all my life I was a declared foe of rock (except for Queen as my dad loves them dearly and has played their music almost all my life) but year after year I discover that I like "heavier" music. I prolly will never like heavy metal or gothic but still... and here I was, when 15, a crazy fangirl of backstreet boys XDDDDDDD lol I don't say that I dislike popular music now, don't get me wrong. it's just that my music taste is expanding (I have such oposite music pieces in my playlist as "boys be free" ending of El Hazard and some pieces of nirvana O_o). I don't want to know what I'm going to like when I'm 40 XDDDDD

speaking of music, I have a meme stlen from my dear [ profile] sharyamato
because I found it funny XDDD )
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THE PILLOWS deserved a tribute, it's a fact. one of the best rock bands I've heard. but I'm kinda disapointed with that album. only old and really popular bands like Mr. Children or ELLEGARDEN managed to make covers that would be quite as good as originals (heck, "hybrid rainbow" played by bump of chicken is even BETTER than the original for me) buuut "sad sad kiddie" by Yuta, Toshi, Chiho and Jiro's session is something interesting:)

other than that, I can officially say that I'm in love with Fujiwara Motoo's and Takeshi Hosomi's voices XDDDD

for Cofie )
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so much energy O_O and OMG they finally sing in japanese as well!!!
[ profile] ameru thank you for giving me their songs^^

OMFG!!! I just found the coolest thing on DA..... [here] a flash movie but..... what a quality O_O
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random music entry again:

keiji fujiwara and ookawa toru should sooooo sing as a duet XDDDDDDD
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according to the previous journal i wanted to share my top 20 from my current playlist (i'd have done top 100 but my playlist consists of 160 tracs only XDDDD blame it to small harddrive):

1. BUCK-TICK - "Dress" - trinity blood op
2. Yui - "Life" bleach ed
3. L'arc~en~ciel - "Houshizora"
4. Shimokawa Mikuni - "Minamikaze" - FMP TSR op
5. Placebo - "Protege moi"
6. Miho Morikawa - "I will" - Nadia ed
7. L'arc~en~ciel - "Link" - FMA movie op
8. Younha - "Houki boshi" - bleach op
9. Vonda Sheppard - "Searching my soul" - Ally McBeal op
10. Shimokawa Mikuni - "Sore ga ai deshou" - FMP Fumoffu op
11. Megumi Hayashibara - "Give a reason" - Slayers NEXT op
12. Tomoko Tane - "Broken wings" - Trinity blood ed
13. Paku Romi - "Asu he no basho"
14. King of Fighters ed
15. Asian Kung-fu Generation - "Rewrite" - FMA op
16. Lifehouse - "Hanging by the moment"
17. Younha - "Ashita, Tenki ni Nara"
18. Scoop on sunday - "Happy people" - bleach ed
19. All Saints - "The beach"
20. Katie Melua - "9 milion bicycles in Beijing"

it constantly changes considering my mood and what new songs i get. but for today it looks like this^^


Jan. 18th, 2006 07:51 pm
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you know what's the best thing after 3 days and one sleepless night of working on the project???? when you want to evaluate it you hear that it needs redrawing........... i HATE my studies sometimes ><#######

on the other news, i'm in love with "hoshizora" by larc~ totally. after finals i'll draw something to that song i swear^^ and i have to listen to the whole "awake" album. and have to get asian kung-fu discography.... am into j-rock nowadays XDDD and that is what made me curious this morning. why is it that most of my playlist is japanese music, from anime mostly, while i don't understand this language???????


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