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happy easter to anyone who celebrates! hope you have great holidays!

as for the sketch dump, I was in a really foul mood today, and to not annoy my family more than I already have, I sat down and lost myself in sketches, as usual

at least I had some excuse to do it all )
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I know it's past easter in many places already, but here we're still celebrating the second day of it^^; so I'd like to wish everyone happy holidays and nice spring, as it's finally giving us lots of sun and warmth XDD

not an easter-themed pic, but still, something to share^^; )
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so... I'm a tiny bit late but..... happy after-easter everyone^^ I didn't turn on my computer during my time home, wanted to rest a bit^^ but easter was nice^^ I got to spend lots of time with my parents and brother, as all of us got home^^ mom had friday off, so by the time I got back from work, she managed to prepare everything ;_; I feel so bad for not being there to help her, but, I don't have classes anymore and my boss wouldn't agree for thursday and friday off==;

we watched a few movies together, like 3 Harry Potter ones (philosopher's stone, chamber of secrets and prisoner od azkaban) and I really REALLY liked them. want to read the saga. but cannot now, my diploma's ahead >< aaaggghhh! hopefully, when I'm done with school, I can buy myself those books. for me, being a not-reading person, it isn't a typical resolution^^;

as for stomach flu, pray so that you NEVER have it.... the worst sickness possible>< I felt sick while on train from home to my working city, and I took it for motion sickness. oh no, I was up all night throwing up.... now I'm all dizzy and ill, my bones hurt (it's a flu after all) and I'm a bit dehydrated. so my after easter week started greatly ==;

and because of the flu, I have to skip the convention I was supposed to attend this weekend ;_; I'm sorry [ profile] knp01 but I'm scared I'll catch something nasty, when I sleep on the floor being still weak. Zaan will take my place, I've already contacted the orgs. so no fun for me this weekend ;_;

anyway, I just hope all of you are fine and don't need to put up with such... unpleasant things... so take care and have fun^^

one small notice, I got myself a haircut^^ the picture will be posted when I feel/look a tiny bit better^^;; some of you'll be shocked XDD


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