Nov. 26th, 2010 09:16 pm
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LOVE <3333
like, totally.
spoilers. avoid if you haven't seen )

one conclusion. this is soooooo going to my DVD collection XDDD
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because seriously, it'd be a bad week if I didn't sketch something^^;
warning - winter fluff )

for my Polish friends:

kto się cieszy tak jak ja na głos Flynn'a? XDDDDD
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I found out about it thanks to an AMV
this one. and was attracted to it from the very beginning... somehow. a few days ago the movie was already on my PC. yesterday I saw it..... and I'm charmed..... this movie is so sensual, so touching, so romantic, so....... hilarious^^; yes, it's hilarious, most of the time I laughed at main characters' clumsiness XDDDDDD but boy, isn't it a wonderful story. if you like romances, with a great dose of sarcasm and irony, taking place in past-Napoleon England, then it's the movie for you
now I need the book^^;

sorry for randomness^^;
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ATTENTION!! Pirates of the Caribbean SPOILERS!! )


Sep. 16th, 2005 09:26 pm
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me is veeerrryyy bored. so bored that i've started doing this:
may-chan, i've taken your advice, smudge tool is my friend^^ but despite that i'm still more used to traditionals:D what i've been doing aside from that??? hmmmm nothing worth mentioning XD
i've seen advanced children. WWHHHOOOAAAA..... i've never played final fantasy or any other game exept a few racing games^^; but the film is amazing. really in a few scenes i was almost fooled that it was actually played by living actors!! the movie is like what, 2 years old??? but still it looks fantastic. i'm really scared how it would look like if they made it right now O_o
i'm still drawing. sisters, be prepared to get something from meXD you kno who i'm talking about:)


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