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posting it because.... just.....ffgizucsfvixscgv........ I want it now ;_; but still I'll have to wait a few months for a DVD to come out and nice torrents to appear ;____; why aren't such nice movies played in polish cinemas too? ;_;

yesterday was crazy XDDDDD after getting back from work, I tried to fill in a nice meme found on DA. in the meantime, I turned my MSN online, for no particular reason. and in a split second, I had 6 people talking to me O_O what the heck??? that never happens..... first [ profile] knp01was telling me about her cat, then [ profile] duokaipoked me, because he usually does that XDD, next came my brother and another friend, and lastly both [ profile] ameruand [ profile] cofiecame at the exact same moment^^; that was... surprising for me, to say the least^^; usually I sit in front of the PC alone, sometimes brother or one other person wants to chat, but not 6 people at once XDDDD I was really happy at that moment, honestly^^ because sometimes I feel like I lost some of you, like we're not friends anymore... which reminds me how pathetic my existence is ;_;
but I don't want to whine about me. I want to thank you all for yesterday^^ it was nice to hear how you're doing, hear about your problems and successes^^ hope we can have such sessions more often^^
love you all <3333333
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that's right, it's coming up soon^^
between 2nd and 5th July, in Paris, [IRUGAMI] is going to have a table at Japan Expo. there'll be lots of available stuff, including buttons, posters, keychain, bookmarks, postcards etc. etc., both original and fanart. the site I've liked you to is currently being built, so please feel free to visit each of the creators' DA gallery^^ and below you can find a map, where to find us^^



and when I'm done with advertising, we can go to other subjects^^ )


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