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Birthdate:May 31
ahem hello there^^
finally decided to write down something about myself XDD
I'm a Polish wannabe-artist who's been fascinated by japanese manga and anime for over 10 years now. you'll deffinitely feel it while reading my entries^^ in real life, I'm an educated architect, busy with her life and a bit lonely.

beside obvious interests that are manga and anime I'm also keen on architecture, traveling, drawing, music and movies.

many of my journals may contain artwork concepts or finished products

I'm a rather friendly person so don't get scared and feel free to visit, every comment is appreciated^^
enjoy your stay!!

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Edward Elric is Devious Love! >D

Made by: [info]ivanaz

Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell is getting more canon by the chapter love
Made by: [info]ceruleansan @ [info]caffeine_icons

Ling Yao x Ran Fan is good ol' prince & servant smut love
Made by: [info]ceruleansan @ [info]caffeine_icons

Roy Mustang x Riza Hawkeye is always by your side love
Made by: [info]ceruleansan @ [info]caffeine_icons

Made by [info]meruberri

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