Nov. 2nd, 2008 08:14 pm
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some time ago a thought hit me. what counts for me when it comes to AMVs? when I sent a friend of mine some ouran ones, which I found both hilarious and well made, she told me they were too fast, that she prefered slower ones with lip synch. and that led me to think of some AMVs that have found a special place in my heart and analyse them. all of them have songs undoubtedly fitting to the series, used scenes match with lyrics and follow the rhythm of the song, also, they're all dynamic in their own way and have extraordinary feeling and mood. soooo....

here're my all time favourites AMVs )

if any of you can think of nice AMVs, I'd be very happy for dropped links^^


May. 5th, 2008 07:36 pm
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it just doesn't let me leave it alone==; )

on seperate note - staying up all night makes my next day crappy>< I can't do a single thing, such heavy are my eyes==; good thing my new bike is awesome. I mean AWESOME. it needs a bit of tuning (it's a second hand one) but riding on it is pure pleasure. and my back is straight!!!

recommending: Moyashimon on veoh
I've never imagined that series touching biological/agricultural/chemical knowledge could be so entertaining XDDDD microbes are pure love, sunny ones especially^^ 11 episodes, extremely light and pure^^ also, one of a few series I know of that's about university, not high school==;
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started this out this morning....
hopelessness of mine, please ignore^^; )
may delete this later
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okay.... downloading OHSHC soundtracks was a BIG MISTAKE!!!!! because now I listen to those extra radio auditions all the time==;
especially the one with Maaya, Mamoru and Matsukaze..... I cannot understand a thing (well, maybe a few little ones) but it brings smile upon my face instantly XDDD they're so dorky and adorable XDDDDD Maaya is a great radio host, Mamoru makes the stragest voices possible and Matsukaze's laughter is so cute that when I realise we heard Kyouya laugh only ONCE..... I want to commint a massive murder on the staff><

also... OHSHC men.... sing REALLY well.... and I've got a strange thing for men singing....

Maaya, Mamoru and Matsukaze - as usual my fav host trio XDDDD

why aren't there any radio programs with the twins?? ;_;
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sooooo long time no see everyone^^; sorry, I'm bad at updating>< but finally, a while free, inbetween many many events

soooooo first great event is, I got myself a new computer XDDDDD it's soooooo great, thinks faster than me, does great things and... costed alot^^; but I need it to finish my diploma. my previous one couldn't handle 3D rendering I had to do, so, finally, time for a change. it's fast, black....... and is called Aegis...... [ profile] maeander my dear, I'm not copying your habit of naming my PCs after Gundams, its tower IS called aegis>< I laughed loud when I read it^^; so, not red, but still Aegis^^;

next event, like all of you probably know, I'm graduating hopefully this summer. so I'm working on my diploma project. it's hard, because it's lots of work, but gives me pleasure. it's the final project, and you're supposed to do it the way you want it. wish me luck^^;;

as for art, I'm going to post the link only, as it's uploaded in a HUUUUGE version>< forgot to resize DX
enjoy, I promised not to post boring artwork, but heh, I kinda like it^^ and it's my firt finished pic in a looong time. the logo is temporary, need to work on it more^^;

AMV marathon? I had one with [ profile] cofie today XDDDDD we were watching many many ouran AMVs, mostly TamaKyou, and had soooooo much fun^^ thank you cofieeeeeee!!!! hopefully you had as much fun as I did^^

that said, have a nice dayevening everyone^^ take care of yourselves^^
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my new toy is called Volito2, is black and pretty, and here you can see first result of me playing with it^^
beware, lame )
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no idea who I should blame this for, myself or the person who got me addicted but.........

my brother has just watched ouran...................... for the second time............... on his own accord................................................................ the world is ending...
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insert obsessive fangirling here )
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does anyone know where i can get ouran manga scanlation?? i've been lookibg dor it but my sources are not enought ;__; please help anyone~~
thanks to [ profile] hisuka_rgx i have everything till chapter 15^^ thank you everyone for your concern^^
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