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...ended with a title. Master engineer of architecture..... still sounds foreign to me XDDDDDD
I passed! with an A!! I ended my education! now I can work as a rightful architect!! and find better job at last XD

oh my gosh, standing there, describing your project in front of a comitee cosisting of 5 people and in front of a crowd of other students/guests... is stressful^^; no idea why I want to sleep now even if I slept all night XDD doesn't matter. THANK YOU TO ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED ME FOR THOSE MONTHS!!!!! for your good wishes and thoughts, everything that helped alot^^ I'm finally done, now everytime when I get back from work, I don't need to catch up with my projects, don't need to study anything, just can do whatever I want with my time^^ that's a good thing right?^^' but first..... I need a drink XDDD CHEERS!!!
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first of all, I'm really really PISSED. we have another general post workers' strike >< again.... the worst thing is, you cannot sent ANYTHING nor ANYTHING will reach you.... [ profile] ameru, I'm really really sorry, we have some bad luck this year. I have your package prepared, but I won't send it until this thing calms down. same for [ profile] cofie. your Mucha's bookmarks are still here for you as well as your sweets, but I just cannot send them ;_; I'm terribly sorry everyone, this situation is tiresome, every year the same thing on christmas but now it's even worse. that's why I'm always appoligising to you about my country's situation. because probably such issue would NOT be possible in any other place. uuggghh==;

diploma is going fine. I had some problems waiting for my construction's consultants because last week they went to US for a conference, and this week the line of students was HUGE. 2,5 hour of waiting==; but luckily now I know everything so generally, drawing is finished. tomorrow I'll get back the written part from my advisor, so only rendering and correcting small details would be left. phew^^ but then, bureaucracy is to be dealed with==; need to print documents, copy my index, resign from libraries, pay for diploma, go to photographer.... week's worth of work==;

so, everything's coming to an end soon. in 1,5 week, I'll have everything delivered to faculty's office, then examination is left... oh boy, my head's going to hurt>< wish me luck though!

okay so there's a very delicate issue on which I want to know your opinion. there's a 14-year old girl here in Poland and she got raped. as a result of it, now she's pregnant. she doesn't want this child. and we have this catholic radiostation and TV channel, that is supported by current president and previous prime minister (president's twin as a matter of fact). this girl goes from one hospital to another, begging the doctors to help her remove this child. to every hospital she reaches, priests and reporters from those TV and radio stations follow her, making the doctors NOT help her. so now, she's at the age of 14, with baby on the way whose father she doesn't know, baby that'll probably be abandoned.

what do you think about this situation? because I'm utterly terrified and ashamed of living here right now. I'm catholic myself, I go to church on sundays. but right now realisation that I haven't given those bastards a single penny for 8 years pleases me like morning sunshine. I understand that abortion is killing a human being. it's a crime, okay. But for God's sake, she's only 14 and got RAPED! not every situation is the same, no girl that went to bed with a guy BECAUSE SHE FELT LIKE IT should be allowed to remove the baby that came in the process. it's her freaking responsibility, she could've thought about it first. but there are girls that are misfortunate and were in a wrong place at the wrong time. there are women, who'll lose their sight or suffer greater consequences if they become pregnant. they too have to sacrifice their childhood, their time, their health or life for a baby that THEY DIDN"T ASK FOR? in any possible way? if there's anything I'm missing here, please tell me, but I just don't get it. why must Poland be rulled by dickheads such as those?


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