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posting it because.... just.....ffgizucsfvixscgv........ I want it now ;_; but still I'll have to wait a few months for a DVD to come out and nice torrents to appear ;____; why aren't such nice movies played in polish cinemas too? ;_;

yesterday was crazy XDDDDD after getting back from work, I tried to fill in a nice meme found on DA. in the meantime, I turned my MSN online, for no particular reason. and in a split second, I had 6 people talking to me O_O what the heck??? that never happens..... first [ profile] knp01was telling me about her cat, then [ profile] duokaipoked me, because he usually does that XDD, next came my brother and another friend, and lastly both [ profile] ameruand [ profile] cofiecame at the exact same moment^^; that was... surprising for me, to say the least^^; usually I sit in front of the PC alone, sometimes brother or one other person wants to chat, but not 6 people at once XDDDD I was really happy at that moment, honestly^^ because sometimes I feel like I lost some of you, like we're not friends anymore... which reminds me how pathetic my existence is ;_;
but I don't want to whine about me. I want to thank you all for yesterday^^ it was nice to hear how you're doing, hear about your problems and successes^^ hope we can have such sessions more often^^
love you all <3333333


Aug. 31st, 2008 09:46 pm
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why is it that I'm blessed with amazing friends who always surprise me, while I'm the worst kind of a friend who can't even keep all promises that she's supposed to keep? I wish I had 4 hands and twice the money I have now....


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