Nov. 2nd, 2008 08:14 pm
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some time ago a thought hit me. what counts for me when it comes to AMVs? when I sent a friend of mine some ouran ones, which I found both hilarious and well made, she told me they were too fast, that she prefered slower ones with lip synch. and that led me to think of some AMVs that have found a special place in my heart and analyse them. all of them have songs undoubtedly fitting to the series, used scenes match with lyrics and follow the rhythm of the song, also, they're all dynamic in their own way and have extraordinary feeling and mood. soooo....

here're my all time favourites AMVs )

if any of you can think of nice AMVs, I'd be very happy for dropped links^^
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next weeked we have a convention in Cracow, which I'm going to visit, that's why I'm working hard today to prepare some nice merchandise
TTGL buttons WIP )
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[ profile] csakuras has posted latest DVD cover for gurren lagann [here]. and I absolutely agree with her, that's the best cover so far. the composition, concept, everything is made gorgeously. and, when nice art shows up on the internet, my brother cannot stay still^^; so he made this wallpaper
photobucket and anime papers links )
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my brother made icons^^, nice icons XDDD and since he doesn't have LJ yet I'm posting them in his place^^

to the icons )
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Gurren Lagann final episode's opinion )

aaaaand changing the subject, some art dump
CoR traditional picture, in which I need your opinion )


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