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first is a fantasy commission I did for a girl on DA. she asked for her two characters, fighting in an abandoned village with zombies and monsters. and it was quite a challenge actually. first of all, I had to draw a medieval fantasy village. she gave me some references for the houses so it made things easier, but still, drawing destroyed architecture isn't the easiest thing. then, I had to come up with an action scene, which isn't exactly my forte^^; but I have to practice somehow^^; zombies were a little difficult to draw, as I never drew decaying body and the subject itself is a little edgy for me. trolls on the other hand were very fun to design. I had to look up designs on DA or google to make something gross and terrifying. included gorilla's screaming face, because they have very unique facial features that make them pretty scary^^; and had lots of fun with several brushes to add some texture to their skin to make it look harder and thicker than normal. so yeah, it was a little different from most pictures I do. and it includes blood again, no idea why people want it, I can't even draw blood><

this one I did for myself. because I wanted to finally make a colored pic for my own pleasure, with my own characters. it was difficult, because I made it a crowd scene again and included lots of details to it>< it was a little painful, drawing all this, but that's because I happened to be working on it during a difficult time for me and it usually happened in the evenings, when I got back home from work. but still, it gave me a lot of pleasure to draw. I could finally draw Nash' freckles in color. give Bruce his ridiculous pink shirt. work on different characters in the BG. I hope they differ from each other enough to make a believable crowd. all in all, it was very pleasing working on it. finally all my kids on one picture in color^^
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