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because I haven't written anything here in about a month O_o sorry>< how is everyone? I hope things are good for you and everyone's having good summer^^ mine so far is rather fun. a few weeks ago we had a convention, third edition of one of my favourite ones. and again, it was a blast :D the best thing about cons is meeting all those people I get to see only once a year sometimes ;_; so I was extremely happy to see them all, to goof around and squee over art supplies^^; the sad thing is, one of my best friends suddenly started feeling emo, and has been emo ever since (without any reason, because she's awesome and so determined) and I don't know what to do to help her ;_;

other than that I've been doing good. my holidays are coming soon, at the beginning of september I'm going to the sea shore for a week! to SPA resort! I'm so happy, my first real vacations since I finished my uni ;_;


and that would be my ugly face... with glasses^^; yes, I got myself glasses, for computer use only though. because for the past month I've been experiencing pain in my eyes while working in front of the PC. and it turns out, I need a small correction (very small though, almost unnecessary) as well as have a slight astigmatism. so yeah, it was a good excuse to get glasses. and yes, they're bright green, with military camouflage pattern on it. and I know that they won't suit some of my clothes, but I don't care, they're neat^^ thanks to [ profile] makowe_pola and [ profile] kiwi_prince for helping me choose them!

because that's what most of you come here for^^; this is a commission I did for [ profile] the_gakushi, she wanted something for her DA ID. and it really was one of the most difficult concepts I had to come up with. she's a photographer and a musician. and making a picture that conveys both of her interests isn't exactly easy>< luckily she liked the idea I came up with so I could continue with it. experimenting of course, because that's what I often do with commissions I get^^; and I have to admit, negative space is really difficult>< so I bow to those who are able to pull it off *bows*

I have another sketch from the convention, but I haven't scanned it yet and it's not the best page I've done. maybe I'll update the entry in a few hours, after I scan it.
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