May. 14th, 2010 09:26 pm
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I wish that people would tell me in my face what they REALLY think instead of deceiving me....
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boy, weren't they 2.... fascinating days...
on sunday, in the evening, a stolen bus was going through my street and damaged 3 cars.... one car's side was damaged, and it was a recently renovated car. the other was literally moved to the other side of the street, completely busted, bumping into another car. the bus then left and was escaping to the neighboring village..... that caused a lot of commotion, police and firefighters were working till 10pm... and that was the day before my mom's surgery...

yesterday morning my mom had a surgery to remove her thyroid. she suffers from Hashimoto disease, which causes her body to fight with itself. hopefully she's fine now, we're going to visit her today but nevertheless, this resulted in a mass of stress for us....

and yesterday evening, to top it all, a thunder struck our chimney. yes, you read it right. A THUNDER. STRUCK. OUR CHIMNEY. and it's busted, almost split in two. one of our TVs is burned, my grandpa's DVD as well, and my bro's network card on his mainboard. so yeah, we had a bit of entertainment at 11 pm, just before sleep..... anything nice going to happen today?????
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it's frigging sick, this whole world and its fast pace. why is it that everything people care about is more money, more things, just to HAVE something? while trying to achieve it all they're loosing their precious life? on stupid stuff!! and because they're a part of this sick competition, they expect other people to follow!!
I'm refering to my school. no to my work too, to my entire life. yesterday one of my lecturers told us that we're going to have a project evaluation in 2 weeks. and when we told him that we already have one evaluation on previous day (monday) and another one on tuesday, he told us he doesn't care.... WTF? people WAKE UP!! we're missing on our lives! a day lasts only 24 hours and we are not ROBOTS! we cannot go on without food and at least 4-6 hours of sleep for long!! damn and it seems like we'll have to pull allnighters for 2 weeks so we can make it. all of us senior students. because you see, most of us works already, and it's not easy to take 2 weeks off, especially before holidays. but seems like everyone doesn't care. doesn't care that all we do now is just study work, study, work. nothing else. no pleasures, no time to spend with each other, no time to build any relationships, not to mention to find that precious someone.

and the world is not helping at all. because of the way economics work right now and high prices of every article in this stinking country, we, students, have no choice but to work while studying. so we can keep on living, so we can manage to pay for our accomodation, to buy food, and to pay for materials for school. nothing else.

this is not life. this is a plain existance. pointless, worthless existance. so if someday you don't hear from me for long, and you are not able to find out what's wrong, that'll meaan I got sick of it all and just left it behind. sorry, I'm very close to it right now....
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some rant here )

FMA 76

Oct. 11th, 2007 06:19 pm
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not now, not like that ;__________________________________;
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where should I start?? right. being a senior sucks. totally. especially when it comes to making importand decisions==;

due to end of june we need to choose lecturers that'll help us prepare our diploma projects. simple. not really. there are many many fantastic lecturers and many many horrible ones. I'd like to work with one from the first group of course. problem is, I'm not that confident. I see myself and my works as average, maybe even lower. and it's visible. that project is really important, my last one as a student, and it'd be nice if it was really well done. unfortunately, I need someone who can help me ALOT. amount of knowledge I have is not that impressive (blame the school, they do little to make studying there pleasant and entertaining), so it'd be nice to have someone experienced

today one of the most popular and the best lecturers held an interview. we were to bring our portfolios and have a little talk with her. I was there too. but there were many others too, probably with better projects and more interesting ideas for diploma. and I feel like shit. I mean, it matters to me, and I'd love to work with her. however. I have a feeling that it'll be impossible. and then I'll have to look for someone else. and they may have their lists already closed. and then I'll have no choice as to work with someone that a) does not have enough knowledge, b) ignores students and doesn't show up when he's supposed to. that'd mean me failing my final project:/ that'd suck don't you think?
sorry, I needed to write it somewhere, just to get rid of that horrible feeling inside me

other than that, I'm in the mood of making icons. 4 more are in my profile^^ I already have ouran (3 pieces), fma (1), bleach (1), escaflowne (2), rahxephon (1), the pillows (1) and today's baby is hei from darker than black^^ me is soooo proud^^

in the future you'd be fear me I'm affraid. I'm watching hayate. and now I'm planning to download dai mahou touge. fear my beat up brain XDDDD


Mar. 27th, 2007 08:35 pm
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half of my face is dead. literally. I don't feel anything there, it doesn't move properly, speaking is hard....

just got back from the dentist, one of my teeth was removed. and in order to do this, the dictor had to apply anaesthetic to certain parts of my jaw and now it feels....... wierd==; and the after effect is such that I CANNOT EVEN SWALLOW PROPERLYYYYYY T_T eating takes 3 times longer that usually now...... good thing I don't have to go to work tomorrow^^;
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on thursday, around evening hours, one of my drives died. it was a good drive, it has been funcyioning for 8 years, more or less, was used by both my brother in his previous previous PC, and then in mine, until last year as a main drive. because of its size (20 GB) and its age, I decided to buy a new one, in fear of it suddenly dying. but for a year or so it was my music container. and we lived in peace. until said thursday, when suddenly it became invisible for my computer and on friday morning it caused computer's disfunctioning.

today my brother came by to check on it, and admitted, that it was it's end. so now I've lost my entire music collection. whole The Pillows discography, Rie Fu's discography, every random mp3 I found in radios or in animes. all compilations I got from [livejournal.com profile] ameru. everything. and I'm really depressed as my finals have come, I'm in the middle of making projects and I NEED my music ;_;
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last night we had a great storm here in Poland. 4 people are dead, 1/5 of the city I live in has no electric power (and it's a big city) till now, trees have fallen down, traffic lights don't work on most of street crossings, generally it's a mess now. I was talking to my parents when my computer died on me, because there had to be some electric rising. and just around that time my parents were left without light as well. it was hawling really bad this night and I have barely slept.
I have to admit, that this year's winter is the strangest in my whole life. there was no day with temerature below zero. we got NO snow!! (only one day in november but that doesn't count as winter) everyday is quite warm, I wear my fall clothes. it's sick!! I don't unterstand what's going on. I know the environment is changing, that it's going to be warmer and warmer but people! this wasn't supposed to happen so fast!! I really miss typical polish winter. with snow so thick I can sink my feet in it, with frost so hard that you can barely move your face muscles. and when I mention it, people look at me strangely. hey! winter is winter! It has it's charm!! I hate christmas without snow and this year it was like THAT!!!! AAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!! DX

...and yesterday my classes were extremely boring so you can see what dzioo makes when she doesn't want to doze of^^ ATTENTION totally pointless, with no real artistic value )

SISTERS OF MINE!!! when you get your presents, please note me here, I'm really anxcious
[livejournal.com profile] ameru
[livejournal.com profile] cofie
[livejournal.com profile] maeander

[ETA] uffff this year was a success XDDD glad you all got it!!!


Dec. 11th, 2006 09:18 pm
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I can feel christmas coming.... but that's not something nice. at school they want me to finnish everything right away. what is more, today was a funeral of one of my fav tutors. almost everyone in my school found him incredibly nice and warm. we're gonna miss him ;_; in addition, I have christmas gifts t finnish. status:
[livejournal.com profile] maeander - 100%
[livejournal.com profile] ameru - 100%
[livejournal.com profile] cofie - 100%
[livejournal.com profile] sharyamato - 0%
and I have to finnish my entry for edwin community this year... till monday.... AAAGGHJHHHTTT!! I want some freetime!! I want REST!!! but I know I won't get it since I have to finnish one of those projects on 4th of january, and my finals start on 26th on fanuary. I DON"T HAVE A LIFEEE!!! someone help.... I need love..... only ame-chan sent me some love through that sweet meme shouldn't have written that, sorry if I made someone feel bad about it, it's late at night and I'll have to stay up till morning, tomorrow go to work and then to school ;_; buuuu dzioo feels sad
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life is cruel to me ;_; midterms are here, and almost day by day I have projects evaluations, so most of the time I sleep less than 5 hours per day. it's really tiresome, and I'm homesick ;_; last time I was at home was a month ago, I haven't seen my parents since then and my bro I see only on the main bus station when he delivers me food from home (sweet little brother ;_;). but I hope that this week I'll be able to FINALLY get a proper rest during weekend^^;

I'm working on presents XDD 2 are done so far, one remaining^^ I don't remember if all my Sisters know, but because postmen decided to protest RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!! I'll be sending you everything after new year. I hope that this year everyone get their presents ;_;

I'm really into j-rock lately. I'm wearing my earphones almost all the time XDDD it's kind of strange for me though. all my life I was a declared foe of rock (except for Queen as my dad loves them dearly and has played their music almost all my life) but year after year I discover that I like "heavier" music. I prolly will never like heavy metal or gothic but still... and here I was, when 15, a crazy fangirl of backstreet boys XDDDDDDD lol I don't say that I dislike popular music now, don't get me wrong. it's just that my music taste is expanding (I have such oposite music pieces in my playlist as "boys be free" ending of El Hazard and some pieces of nirvana O_o). I don't want to know what I'm going to like when I'm 40 XDDDDD

speaking of music, I have a meme stlen from my dear [livejournal.com profile] sharyamato
because I found it funny XDDD )

bad mood

Jun. 17th, 2006 05:53 pm
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too lazy to think about anything coherrent )
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everything is against me. i wanted to find a job for summer but
a) my finals end too late,
b) there are no attractive jobs starting mid luly and ending mid september
c) it's my first job so i dan't really know what to search
d) i wanted to go abrad but i don't have anyone to go with
e) i'm getting older this week and i'm feling blaaah because of it

AND BECAUSE OF THAt MY EVENING IS RUINED!!! sorry had to say it ;__;
someone please cheer me uuuuppp!! i need love ;___;

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCXKuomT-Dg - this guy rocks. my fav classical music piece and in that version - masterpiece. MUST SEE
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ok, now i'm fucking pissed on DA stuff. i don't get their policy!!!!

yesterday [livejournal.com profile] cofie wrote in her journal about an artthief, showing evidence that she indeed was a thief. so i wrote to the girl politely to remove thos pics. and she did. and what i found out today?? that it was my dear sister who got banned!!!! DAAAAMMMNNNNN!!!!!! what the heck is happening to that place??? there are like freaking lots of artists writing about artthieves and they DO NOT get banned for that!! so why like that???????? if any of you knows something i do not please explain this to me, because i'm at the lack of words for that now....

cofie, dear, please tell me what happened

thank yous

Feb. 23rd, 2006 11:42 am
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last 2 days were like hell for me, much stress fell upon my shoulders because of events i had no idea about. i don't want to explain that as it's a very unnerving subject for me. to make a long story short, someone had used my name without my permission or knowledge what may have resulted in me having troubles. but luckily the case is solved and everything has settled down. but on monday i was in no mood for socializing or doing anything. so in this place i'd like to thank [livejournal.com profile] maeander, [livejournal.com profile] cofie and [livejournal.com profile] ameru. thank you girls that you stayed with me that evening till late at night, that you listened to my rambling and cursing (i don't curse at all normally), that you made me feel at least a bit calmer, it helped me a lot, i managed to fall asleep^^ each and every of you will get something special from me, some know what, some don't^^ know my gratitude for everything you've done for me, my beloved sisters

first part for cofie-dear^^ )

next parts will come later this week, promise^^


Jan. 18th, 2006 07:51 pm
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you know what's the best thing after 3 days and one sleepless night of working on the project???? when you want to evaluate it you hear that it needs redrawing........... i HATE my studies sometimes ><#######

on the other news, i'm in love with "hoshizora" by larc~ totally. after finals i'll draw something to that song i swear^^ and i have to listen to the whole "awake" album. and have to get asian kung-fu discography.... am into j-rock nowadays XDDD and that is what made me curious this morning. why is it that most of my playlist is japanese music, from anime mostly, while i don't understand this language???????


Dec. 25th, 2005 08:19 pm
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GO TO HELL FUKUDA!!!! one hug is not going to solve anything!! i was expecting something more than just remaking old stuff!!!! grrrr i can see all those crowds going to kill him >:((((( and be sure i'll be one of them!!!!!


Dec. 15th, 2005 09:01 pm
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why is it that everyone around me is appreciated and me not?? i don't know if i should be rambling about it but it hurts me. i can also make some things, you don't have to ask others!! >< but nooo, of course they're better. but has anyone ever checked my abilities?? of course not!! and how can i feel cheerful about it?? my whole day is fucked up now ==;;;;;;


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