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this last week, I went on holidays to our sea shore. all alone. in a small town which I knew would be deserted after holiday season. and you know what? I don't regret it at all. I needed this kind of calm holidays, out of noise and crowd. it helped me recharge my batteries, relax a bit and get as much fresh air and activity as I wanted.

pictures! but mobile-phone quality, sorry )

it was a really relaxing week. I think I walked around 100km in total, which resulted in my swollen foot. I managed to finish one book, which is a great achievement for me. school destroyed the joy of reading for me, now I'm getting it back, slowly.
I even managed to draw a bit, but only a bit, as I wanted to be as active as possible during this time, which resulted in me being away for at least 11 hours a day.

and a few drawings )
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because I haven't written anything here in about a month O_o sorry>< how is everyone? I hope things are good for you and everyone's having good summer^^ mine so far is rather fun. a few weeks ago we had a convention, third edition of one of my favourite ones. and again, it was a blast :D the best thing about cons is meeting all those people I get to see only once a year sometimes ;_; so I was extremely happy to see them all, to goof around and squee over art supplies^^; the sad thing is, one of my best friends suddenly started feeling emo, and has been emo ever since (without any reason, because she's awesome and so determined) and I don't know what to do to help her ;_;

other than that I've been doing good. my holidays are coming soon, at the beginning of september I'm going to the sea shore for a week! to SPA resort! I'm so happy, my first real vacations since I finished my uni ;_;

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first of all, thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday! I know I didn't comment on all your posts, but I did see them, and I'm very grateful for your wishes <333

lots of mumbling, including birthday gifts, weekend activities and HP movies )

and some drawings )

sorry for randomness and lengthy post^^;
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or something. gosh, I can't believe I've abandoned my journal for so long O_o so yeah, sorry for not updating more often. Big Bang and a certain shoujo manga is eating my brain and time^^; but other than that I'm doing OK. work is a little more bearable, meaning I don't have to stay overtime for so long and I don't have to answer my phone all day long. still, tomorrow I'm going on a business trip, all alone, for two days. 500km away from my workplace>< as much as I love driving, such a long trip and a night at the hotel (where I most likely won't be able to fall asleep) is exhausting and if I could, I'd gladly avoid it.

one more thing, I was tagged by [ profile] ishte to do a meme. and since I'm rarely tagged by anyone, why not. This is one of those "change whatever question you don't like and add your own":

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ok so here's the thing. last night a friend of mine (you know who you are D:) posted this epic drawing of hers, one of a kind she'd never shown before. and it's seriously an amazing drawing, showing that she has great knowledge about what she's drawing as well as is determined to make things look great.
now those of you who know me personally, know how insecure I am about myself and my skills. especially when people who I know personally show how great they are, it makes me realize how insignificant I am and brings me really dwon. and I know this may sound like whining and I'm sure at least one of you (you know who you are) will say that I'm being emo, but I don't care.

what I'd like to ask of you, is some feedback. constructive criticizm. an honest opinion about my works. and when I say honest, I mean both good and bad things. I'd like to know what you think I should work more on or what I should stop doing. I believe that sometimes you can't find your own mistakes and outider's opinion really helps. I'm being serious here, please give me advice, even if you're not a drawing artist. because for a couple of years I've been stuck in the same place and I don't know how to move on...

sorry for the trouble and thank you
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and so I can finally boast about my room's new look.

beware, image heavy )
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hopefully everyone's fine? haha, I'm terrible at this, sorry^^; haven't posted in a long time because, well, there's not much to post about. my ordered furniture have NOT arrived yet so I can't even share photos ;_; it's getting a little frustrating too, because all the other stuff is already bought, like new lamps, curtains, carpet and so on><

went on a trip with family yesterday, hiking. somehow, we got lost on the way and to get back on ANY route we had to climb pretty high inbetween rocks and thick woods>< right now, I can barely walk, my butt hurts so much><

my holidays are in two weeks! \o/ can't wait to finally have some time off and REST properly. sadly, it's going to be october already so I won't have sunny and warm days to recharge my batteries^^; oh well, but I'll be able to sleep in as much as I want XDDD

and as usual, some silly drawing to accompany any post )


May. 14th, 2010 09:26 pm
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I wish that people would tell me in my face what they REALLY think instead of deceiving me....
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just to let you know, I won't be available on the net for the next few days. today I'm going on a work trip, from which I'm coming back on friday evening, and then on saturday I'm going to visit [ profile] knp01 for 3 days^^ yay^^ so I won't be replying to comments probably. I'll see you all on tuesday <33
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for me it's more like Single Awareness Day than Valentine's, that's why I was trully surprised when first I got a lovely fic from [ profile] duokai and today discovered a message from [ profile] ameru that contained a pretty drawing! thank you sooooo much, both of you <33 you have no idea how much that brightened my day <33 gave me extra strength to work on my tasks today^^ you're awesome <333

stuff I need to do:
- big bang challenge - right now around 40% done, still a long way before it's completed>< and so little time ;_;
- finally, FINALLY find some time to complete and send x-mas gifts I owe. I know I'm terrible.....
- change my icon set here. the idea of mood icons still sits somewhere in my head, I just need to make them, or collect come pretty ones that other created^^
- work on that written piece I started a few months ago.. gosh I'm scared to open the file^^;
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I'm sorry everyone for not writing anything in a long long time^^; last few weeks were kinda difficult for me, especially mentally. and because I'm not really good at confessing, the negative feelings have bottled inside of me and were about to dangerously explode.... yes, I'm pathetic, sorry about that^^; anyway, I'm trying to fight it now, so maybe I'll stay here for a longer while^^ for now, wish me luck^^

meme about myself )

about some manga I read now )
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posting it because.... just.....ffgizucsfvixscgv........ I want it now ;_; but still I'll have to wait a few months for a DVD to come out and nice torrents to appear ;____; why aren't such nice movies played in polish cinemas too? ;_;

yesterday was crazy XDDDDD after getting back from work, I tried to fill in a nice meme found on DA. in the meantime, I turned my MSN online, for no particular reason. and in a split second, I had 6 people talking to me O_O what the heck??? that never happens..... first [ profile] knp01was telling me about her cat, then [ profile] duokaipoked me, because he usually does that XDD, next came my brother and another friend, and lastly both [ profile] ameruand [ profile] cofiecame at the exact same moment^^; that was... surprising for me, to say the least^^; usually I sit in front of the PC alone, sometimes brother or one other person wants to chat, but not 6 people at once XDDDD I was really happy at that moment, honestly^^ because sometimes I feel like I lost some of you, like we're not friends anymore... which reminds me how pathetic my existence is ;_;
but I don't want to whine about me. I want to thank you all for yesterday^^ it was nice to hear how you're doing, hear about your problems and successes^^ hope we can have such sessions more often^^
love you all <3333333


Oct. 31st, 2009 08:26 pm
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current technology is amazing. I'm accessing the net through... my phone^^'
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boy, weren't they 2.... fascinating days...
on sunday, in the evening, a stolen bus was going through my street and damaged 3 cars.... one car's side was damaged, and it was a recently renovated car. the other was literally moved to the other side of the street, completely busted, bumping into another car. the bus then left and was escaping to the neighboring village..... that caused a lot of commotion, police and firefighters were working till 10pm... and that was the day before my mom's surgery...

yesterday morning my mom had a surgery to remove her thyroid. she suffers from Hashimoto disease, which causes her body to fight with itself. hopefully she's fine now, we're going to visit her today but nevertheless, this resulted in a mass of stress for us....

and yesterday evening, to top it all, a thunder struck our chimney. yes, you read it right. A THUNDER. STRUCK. OUR CHIMNEY. and it's busted, almost split in two. one of our TVs is burned, my grandpa's DVD as well, and my bro's network card on his mainboard. so yeah, we had a bit of entertainment at 11 pm, just before sleep..... anything nice going to happen today?????
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as I said before I got fired from my previous work but starting from Monday I work in a new place. due to change of place, I had to move back to my family house. when my digital camera is charged, I'll make some pictures^^

as for anime complaining some news regarding new FMA anime and the fandom )

and light silliness, Cor )
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at least this week. on monday I got new job. I'll be moving back home and woking in the neighbouring city, 15 minutes from my house.

and today? today I passed my driving exam!!! wohooo! life's beautiful XDD now I'm off to bed because my head's gonna explode XDDDD
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so job hunting doesn't end, around 20 applications were sent but only one answer came... and it's not sure I'll get the job because they're using a different program (which I was about to learn when I'm through with my driving licence exam>< ) soooo... crisis is really tough for us architects.... I pity around 30 of my friends who finished their diplomas yesterday. congratulate to you all nevertheless!!

driving licence... yes, exam's in a week... and I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO scared>< this'll probably be a failure, very few people pass on their first try. still, I'd like to.... it costs me lots of money and right now? I can't really AFFORD to fail.. we'll see though:/

even if the situation's really really bad, I try to stay calm and optimistic, at least I try not to show how depressing it all is for me. so far everything's been in perfect order for me. right now it's all crumbling away..................

on a lighter note, a meme taken from [ profile] sharyamato
Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given
she gave me FMA, Esca, architecture, ELLE, mechas )
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so.... yesterday my boss told me I need to find a new job by the end of february, because due to the world crisis and bad luck of ou office, 2 big contracts broke and they have no job, nor money for so many people. so they're reducing employment. which also affects me and 2 other boys...... very nice news to break at the beginning of weekend, thank you boss><

it leaves me in a very tough situation because right now, most of architectural offices in Wroclaw don't HIRE people but FIRE them...... and I need a job... I need to fill in many documents and create a portfolio...

that said, I won't be posting much in this month... [ profile] sharyamato, I won't be working on your commission either, I'm really sorry. I'm sorry to everyone, please keep your fingers crossed for me.. thanks....
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so since two weeks you have to wait around 7 working days to get to a doctor, there are usually around 60 people waiting in the line, hospitals don't allow any more patients because they're full. so we can surely assume that Poland suffers from flu epidemic..... and that is the reason why I haven't written anything in a long time, FOR WHAT I AM SORRYYYYYYY ;_; that, and also I'm having a very hard time at work==;

from MY flu there's still coughing left and some voice difficulties but other than that I'm ok^^ in the evenings I usually work on [ profile] sharyamato's commission so if you see me online, please poke me, I don't bite and miss talking to you all, especially to my dear sisters and brother ;__;

ok now I'm back to work^^ see ya!
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spoilers, obviously^^; )

other than that? convention's on saturday already, ppesentation's almost done. and I'm sleepy and PMSing.... where's my Christams... ;_;


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