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this last week, I went on holidays to our sea shore. all alone. in a small town which I knew would be deserted after holiday season. and you know what? I don't regret it at all. I needed this kind of calm holidays, out of noise and crowd. it helped me recharge my batteries, relax a bit and get as much fresh air and activity as I wanted.

pictures! but mobile-phone quality, sorry )

it was a really relaxing week. I think I walked around 100km in total, which resulted in my swollen foot. I managed to finish one book, which is a great achievement for me. school destroyed the joy of reading for me, now I'm getting it back, slowly.
I even managed to draw a bit, but only a bit, as I wanted to be as active as possible during this time, which resulted in me being away for at least 11 hours a day.

and a few drawings )
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hello there!! sorry everyone for dissapearing for a week without a word^^; me and my family went for vacations to the sea. first 3 days were horrible, it was rainy and cold. after that it got better though. our sea is not too warm so I didn't swim alot, only 3 times or so, but we were walking by the shore through many many kilometers. generally, it was fun, I had so much rest thist time. the place was a small village so there weren't many attractions, but that also had some good points. we needed to relax, especially my mom ad e after this tough year. SO! I can say that this year's holidays were a success^^ will post pictures later^^

promised pics, lots of them^^ )


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