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so [ profile] fmagiftexchange is holding another exchange, this time for Valentine's and White Day, and I decided to participate this time (after some drama that happened last year or even earlier). There were way too many amazing prompts this year and I really couldn't decide what to pick. Sadly, this year I'm only able to produce a sketch, time flies way too quickly

Roy's 21st birthday )
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happy easter to anyone who celebrates! hope you have great holidays!

as for the sketch dump, I was in a really foul mood today, and to not annoy my family more than I already have, I sat down and lost myself in sketches, as usual

at least I had some excuse to do it all )
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because she's late with everything>< dunno what I should blame all of this on, my studies that have taken most of my time for past 5 years, my work that IS taking my time now, many assignments that I do in the evenings or the fact that I get easily distracted by 1000000000000 ideas I get sometimes and each one of them demands to be drawn==; either way, my fault.

[ profile] ameru, your package was sent today, as a prior message so maybe it'll be faster this time
[ profile] cofie, tell me if you want me to print yours or not^^; need to decide on package size
[ profile] duokai, what kind of sweets do you like?^^;

I guess none of people that were supposed to got the summer cards I sent to you?

oh and I'm still kinda sick^^; sorry if I'm not online much or I'm not replying to anything^^;

[ profile] ameru.....

Jun. 11th, 2008 06:27 pm
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... it got here.... safely.... and you're too much, really.... IT is too much ;_;

it's so lovely, the notebook, the PRINTS, bookmarks, everything ;____; you shouldn't have, it must've costed you alot but it brought smile on my face and tears to my eyes...


I'll do my best to pass that diploma

love you totally
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beware, TEH CUTENESS!! )


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