Mar. 25th, 2012 09:45 pm
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needed a break from digital coloring, to not get completely rusty. so after a day of chores around the house, I did some sketching
fanarting Korra, Fox Sisters, Moonrise )
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so [ profile] fmagiftexchange is holding another exchange, this time for Valentine's and White Day, and I decided to participate this time (after some drama that happened last year or even earlier). There were way too many amazing prompts this year and I really couldn't decide what to pick. Sadly, this year I'm only able to produce a sketch, time flies way too quickly

Roy's 21st birthday )
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Some time ago I found an FMA fic, titled [Quarantine], that moved me incredibly and made me go back to it several times. And I'd like to pimp it

with art of course )
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fourth illustration I did for last year's [ profile] fmabigbang (yes, the story is still continuing!) for the story of [Arcanum Parterfamilias]. the action is getting thicker and thicker and it's becoming one of my favourite long fics, with a great setting and OCs I just cannot not love. please, give the authors some feedback! every creator needs it to keep going!

religious rituals and an extra )
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Don't forget 3.Oct.11

Like hell I would. it just pains me that I have nothing to offer to the fandom for special celebration ;_;
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another, and not final post for my this year's story at [ profile] fmabigbang, [Arcanum Paterfamilias]
PLEASE, LEAVE THE AUTHORS SOME FEEDBACK!! their story is really awesome and it pains me that they get almost no comments! I know it's technically about a secondary character and there are a lot of OCs and difficult and unfamiliar vocabulary but please! give it a try!

a night action scene, because they deserve love too )
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another picture for my this year's [ profile] fmabigbang [story], chapter three
this time, you're getting a view from behind )

wait for new illustrations! there are still 2 coming XD
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for this year's [ profile] fmabigbang challenge, I had an honor of working with [ profile] mfelizandy and [ profile] fractured_chaos and their story "Arcanum Parterfamilias". it's an epic tale taking place quite a few years after manga's ending, has some elements originating from first anime, therefore it should be treated more like an AU, than actual following of any series. it mostly takes place in a certain forgotten city and deals with past that was long forgotten. canon characters appear, as well as lots of lovely and amazing OCs. the story is still in progress (20 chapters!) and that's why, I'll be posting illustrations when certain chapters are posted (yes, I did more than one drawing this year as well...). please read this amazing tale!
[fic post]

and now onto first chapter's illo and character sketches )

so there! go and read all amazing entries at [ profile] fmabigbang!
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because both my brother and my friend failed to recognize them^^;
onto a sketch )
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Don't forget 3. OCT. 11

I doubt I'll ever forget. GOD, guys, I miss you so ;_;
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[Toy Soldier] by [ profile] roseveare. FMA, pre series, adventure, LONG. but amazingly entertaining and keeping you glued to screen. great characterisation, beautiful dialogues, witty sence of humor, fantastic prose. all in all, great read!
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[His Eulogy] by TheoreticallyEva on

the most touching, heart warming and heart devastating Ed-Al-Hohenheim family interaction fic I've EVER read. what may have been if certain events of Promised Day hadn't occurred. prepare loads of tissues. not good idea to read at work, in case you suddenly burst out crying.

I almost did
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please bear with me, I can't help it^^;
another dose of really stupid sketches )
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a proper tribute will be done when I prepare all my convention panels. for now...
dzioo has a new shiny wallpaper^^ 108 spoilers )


May. 8th, 2010 03:55 pm
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Thank you for past 7 years of joy, laughter, suspence, fear, excitement, tears and hope. Thank you for a wonderful story and characters. Thank you for all the friends I've met thanks to your creation. Thank you. I'll miss it greatly....

and Happy Birthday^^
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a propper RAW isn't even out yet but....
this deserves an early entry )
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because I'm first in line, here are the pictures I did for [ profile] fma_big_bang. please check the community daily! amazing fics and pictures are going to be posted there EVERY SINGLE DAY until april 1st!!

please visit [ profile] artemisrae's journal to read her fic!
[Fic Post]

picture 1 )

picture 2 )

picture 3 )

picture 4 )

picture 5 )

picture 6 )

picture 7 )

picture 8 )

picture 9 )

as you may notice, they're kinda crappy, they were done all within a month and they're pretty 'sketchy'. but I managed to learn to color faster than usual and managed to get more used to contrast, even if it's still not as intense as it should be in some places^^; hope you can enjoy.

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for the first time in almost 7 years, I start regretting getting into this series. it takes too much from me, emotionally, especially at times like this. and it doesn't help when one person you thought could relate to your feelings towards it brushes something like THIS just an 'interesting plot'... it is interesting, but...!! ughhh

please sensei, SPARE US ;_;


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