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Some time ago I found an FMA fic, titled [Quarantine], that moved me incredibly and made me go back to it several times. And I'd like to pimp it

with art of course )
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so you probably all know [ profile] halcyonjazz is doing a webcomic calles Sfeer Theory. you should know that the idea for it was created by a girl called [ profile] moonsheen. she's an author and it seems, that apart from Sfeer Theory and Cry Havoc, she's written many short stories.

one of them is called [Naomi and the Dream Eater] and could very much be, if expanded, a great competition for Harry Potter, Narnia or whatever else fantasy story you can think of excluding Twilight, that's just.....
so yes, I'm pimping this story. with a picture )
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[Toy Soldier] by [ profile] roseveare. FMA, pre series, adventure, LONG. but amazingly entertaining and keeping you glued to screen. great characterisation, beautiful dialogues, witty sence of humor, fantastic prose. all in all, great read!
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[His Eulogy] by TheoreticallyEva on

the most touching, heart warming and heart devastating Ed-Al-Hohenheim family interaction fic I've EVER read. what may have been if certain events of Promised Day hadn't occurred. prepare loads of tissues. not good idea to read at work, in case you suddenly burst out crying.

I almost did


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