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Jun. 21st, 2011 07:36 pm
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copying from DA's description )
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so you probably all know [ profile] halcyonjazz is doing a webcomic calles Sfeer Theory. you should know that the idea for it was created by a girl called [ profile] moonsheen. she's an author and it seems, that apart from Sfeer Theory and Cry Havoc, she's written many short stories.

one of them is called [Naomi and the Dream Eater] and could very much be, if expanded, a great competition for Harry Potter, Narnia or whatever else fantasy story you can think of excluding Twilight, that's just.....
so yes, I'm pimping this story. with a picture )
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first of all, thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday! I know I didn't comment on all your posts, but I did see them, and I'm very grateful for your wishes <333

lots of mumbling, including birthday gifts, weekend activities and HP movies )

and some drawings )

sorry for randomness and lengthy post^^;
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another, and not final post for my this year's story at [ profile] fmabigbang, [Arcanum Paterfamilias]
PLEASE, LEAVE THE AUTHORS SOME FEEDBACK!! their story is really awesome and it pains me that they get almost no comments! I know it's technically about a secondary character and there are a lot of OCs and difficult and unfamiliar vocabulary but please! give it a try!

a night action scene, because they deserve love too )
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another picture for my this year's [ profile] fmabigbang [story], chapter three
this time, you're getting a view from behind )

wait for new illustrations! there are still 2 coming XD
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happy easter to anyone who celebrates! hope you have great holidays!

as for the sketch dump, I was in a really foul mood today, and to not annoy my family more than I already have, I sat down and lost myself in sketches, as usual

at least I had some excuse to do it all )
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for this year's [ profile] fmabigbang challenge, I had an honor of working with [ profile] mfelizandy and [ profile] fractured_chaos and their story "Arcanum Parterfamilias". it's an epic tale taking place quite a few years after manga's ending, has some elements originating from first anime, therefore it should be treated more like an AU, than actual following of any series. it mostly takes place in a certain forgotten city and deals with past that was long forgotten. canon characters appear, as well as lots of lovely and amazing OCs. the story is still in progress (20 chapters!) and that's why, I'll be posting illustrations when certain chapters are posted (yes, I did more than one drawing this year as well...). please read this amazing tale!
[fic post]

and now onto first chapter's illo and character sketches )

so there! go and read all amazing entries at [ profile] fmabigbang!
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because I need to practice to be flexible enough for big bang this year.
chubby chubbs )

sketch dump

Jan. 6th, 2011 10:24 pm
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to relieve the tension that accumulated during last few days, I grabbed a pencil today and tried going mad>< failed as usual.

but first things first. thank you soooo much everyone for your amazing support regarding the drama in gift exchange community! seriously, amount of notes and mails and comments I received was overwhelming, you're all so amazing!! I'm still very sorry that it had to happen with [ profile] seaweed_fma's gift and I'll try making it up to her. but you have no idea how touched I felt reading all those words you sent me ;_;

another stupid page of sketches )
have a nice day!
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being clumsy, girly and generally active )
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Bruce's turn )
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for the time being, I won't be making any colorful illustrations (aside from gift exchange and big bang of course), because I still need to practice>< sorry
fencing and basketball )
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thank you to those who managed to give me some constructive criticism, now I know my mistakes and will gradually move to working on them. maybe in next 20 years I'll manage to be as amazing as you <333 just kidding XD

soooo after thinking over all the advice I got and doing some basic training with posemaniac, I'm posting first results
Nina-centered )
any other advice would be loved! I'll work on my lines too, I promise^^;
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ok so here's the thing. last night a friend of mine (you know who you are D:) posted this epic drawing of hers, one of a kind she'd never shown before. and it's seriously an amazing drawing, showing that she has great knowledge about what she's drawing as well as is determined to make things look great.
now those of you who know me personally, know how insecure I am about myself and my skills. especially when people who I know personally show how great they are, it makes me realize how insignificant I am and brings me really dwon. and I know this may sound like whining and I'm sure at least one of you (you know who you are) will say that I'm being emo, but I don't care.

what I'd like to ask of you, is some feedback. constructive criticizm. an honest opinion about my works. and when I say honest, I mean both good and bad things. I'd like to know what you think I should work more on or what I should stop doing. I believe that sometimes you can't find your own mistakes and outider's opinion really helps. I'm being serious here, please give me advice, even if you're not a drawing artist. because for a couple of years I've been stuck in the same place and I don't know how to move on...

sorry for the trouble and thank you
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... behind the cut )
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hey, who doubted I'd eventually do some?^^;
Tangled sketches )

bar girls

Nov. 22nd, 2010 09:36 pm
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a sketch. because I don't feel like working more on it )
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because seriously, it'd be a bad week if I didn't sketch something^^;
warning - winter fluff )

for my Polish friends:

kto się cieszy tak jak ja na głos Flynn'a? XDDDDD
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I finished it! I finished! finally, after more than a week of constant drawing^^;

ATLA - Four Elements by ~dzioo on deviantART

I need to admit, I'm really happy how this turned out. it was my first time drawing in this pattern, first time drawing certain things as well but boy, am I proud of myself. the pattern of drawing looked like this: I made a lineart on paper, then I 'painted' backgrounds in opencanvas, because I wanted to avoid black lines for further objects, then I worked on the characters and the elements in Photoshop. I was trying a different type of shading, maybe wanting to achieve a similar effect that [ profile] saharaam gets, but she's the master, I can't even get close to her^^; last, the effects were added and voila XDD
now that this is out of my system, maybe I can go onto other projects I have planned>< there's mail and doujinshi to send to [ profile] ameru, mail for some other friend, and a tutorial to make>< this especially is going to be very challenging>< oh well

I hope you all have a nice day <333


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