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sor if a commission I did for a friend. she's a Kanzashi artist and we had this trade where she made me jewelery and I made pictures for her. as usual, she asked for her main couple, the guy's name is Axel and the curly haired girl's name is Lara. there were bits of the story that I got that included a scene were Axel was taken to a trial and Lara was trying to get to him. maybe to free him? or maybe to just wish him luck. either way, you can imagine what resulted of it

Imena from [Arcanum Parterfamilias] character study sheet. I always imagined her as a more sturdy woman. with big round eyes, a little round nose and round cheerful face. I also added a slightly bigger forehead because I find this detail amusing and I think it'd suit her. I also wanted to make her as a total oposite of Isobel, who is skinny and fragile, so Imena is round, with impressive boost and butt and strong arms and legs. she was very fun to draw too.
now to the dancing scene. I've been meaning to draw it for a long time, that's why I sat down and studied Indian dance and a bit of Arabic dance too, but it was... difficult>< because I couldn't find any videos with couples dancing. it was usually solo numbers with either female or male dancers>< so I had to make something up.... and I'm sorry that the dress isn't as impressive as it should be ;_; drawing something as elaborated with markers is still impossible for me ;_;


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