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sometimes there are things that haunt me for a long time before I'm able to draw them. mostly because I try to collect a few ideas so I can fill in a whole page. and I managed to get a few small ideas this time so here's the page


upper part is de Revilores' family picture, featuring Marfa, Harold, Carl and Daniel. de Revilores are an aristocratic family from my little head canon, a family with a little dark history. I like drawing the boys a lot because I'm happy with their design, but it was actually my first time drawing their parents. Marfa was easier to draw because she's an uptight and cold bitch, while Harold is a tough and proud romantic. I'm pretty sure I'm going to change his design at one point><

lower left shows Nash, Maes and Bruce when they were still kids. this one was drawn mainly to show the difference in size between them. Nash and Bruce have been obese till they were in their early teens while Maes has always been skeletally thin... they grew considerably, but one thing remained constant - Bruce is alwasy the huge one.... blame the Armstrong genes

lower right is Nina and Maes in some fancy clothes kissing. I love drawing people kissing, I can't help it. my sketchbook shows me that I haven't drawn people kissing since last summer, which is a long time. and those two are really fun to draw, because Maes is at least a head taller than her (when they're in their 20s, there's a difference of half a meter between them...)

hope you can enjoy this one. sorry for not posting as frequently as I used to but I noticed that my LJ f-list is slowly dying and I don't have too many friends on DW yet...

Date: 2012-02-04 10:56 am (UTC)
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I enjoy seeing your sketches so I hope you'll keep posting them! They're very expressive.


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