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fourth illustration I did for last year's [ profile] fmabigbang (yes, the story is still continuing!) for the story of [Arcanum Parterfamilias]. the action is getting thicker and thicker and it's becoming one of my favourite long fics, with a great setting and OCs I just cannot not love. please, give the authors some feedback! every creator needs it to keep going!

Naomi sighed and started another prayer, muttering without much reverence. The gate swung open to her left, and Naomi glanced -- then straightened up and almost spoke to the newcomer, whether it meant starting over or not.

Papa removed his sandals, huge next to Jesu’s, then carefully laid his sword belt beside them. He met his daughter’s eyes for a moment, then went to the starting point and sank to his knees. Papa pressed his scarred forehead to the stone and began murmuring the prayer -- the adult’s prayer, lengthy and said in the temple tongue. Naomi stared until he moved on... but only to the next intersection of the lines. He was doing the whole Path, on his knees. Naomi exchanged a look with Jesu, whose open-mouthed stare showed some white all the way around his eyes. Naomi frowned, then pointedly bowed again. She wasn’t going to have to start over.

I wasn't exactly happy with this illustration until I did some minor edits to the light and the floor, as well as changing the structure of the Circle, from carved with differend colored stones to painted. this one looks much better in place now. still, I wish I could make this scene as wide and epic as it should be, but first, I can't for the love of got imagine what Ishballan based alchemy circle would look like, and format of pictures I chose (A5) wouldn't give me enough space as I needed for showing characters' expressions and details. still, I hope my authors will like it as it is><

and as the cut says, a little extra for you girls:
Jesu came to the bench, put his sandals on, then looked up. His face tightened, then he jumped and scrambled up onto the wall and tree branches without help. “Why is Papa doing the Sinner’s Path?”

“The Elders must have told him to,” Naomi said, watching her father abase himself again. The black lines of his tattoos flexed and moved among the black lines of the Path, making strange shapes and patterns as Papa said his prayers for forgiveness.

“I know that,” Jesu said with a roll of his eyes at his sister. “I mean what did he do to make the Elders tell him to do the whole Path?”

“It must have been something from the council meeting at the Pillars,” Asher put in. “Otherwise we’d have heard about it.”

“It must have been something really bad,” Jesu said pensively.

Asher changed the subject. “I came here to wait for you because I wanted to tell you Tiras needs your help. There’s a caravan coming in with wounded horses.”

“Horses?” Naomi twisted to look at Asher. “What happened to hurt horses?”

“I’ll tell you on the way.” Asher swung down from the tree. “Let’s go.”

yes, you get a surprise Asher again. and Jesu, because I don't think I ever showed you a sketch of him. a simple design, but I don't catch Jesu as anyone who'd stand out so much^^; the moment I read this scene the first time you showed me the chapter I wanted to draw the three of them on that giant tree, Naomi all anxious. her distressed face just wouldn't leave me. so yes, a little extra to give you a boost for next chapters. because this story deserves all the love!!
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